There is no trust more important than the trust that cements a personal relationship. When trust in a relationship is suspected to be broken, the uncertainty can be devastating. Suspicion is insidious. Suspicion alone can destroy a relationship. Even a long-standing and previously solid marriage is endangered.

A private investigator often is called upon to uncover the facts and circumstances that can convert mere suspicion into hard evidence, but the job of a good private investigator is to uncover the facts and circumstances, wherever they may lead. The suspicion may be unfounded, perhaps the result only of the kind of poor communication, even disassociation, that seems to effect some long-term couples. It might even be the result of mischief perpetrated by a third party with a grudge to enforce.

More often than not, of course, the suspicion is valid. And the need for action is immediate and imperative. Barring unforeseen circumstances, we stand ready to respond to requests for help with minimal advanced notice.


Not all suspicions turn out to be sustained as verified or even verifiable facts. It's imperative for an investigator to conduct research and/or surveillance in a manner that protects the interests of both the client and the subject of the investigation. Even where the result of an investigation proves illicit conduct, discretion and observance of law are critical.

Observance of law is an important element in any investigation related to family matters; for example, an investigator may accept and research bank statements provided by a client who, as a member of a household, has a legal right to such records, but an investigator may not impersonate someone in order to obtain those records.

Any deviation from accepted professional practice and ethical standards can taint even good evidence. Certainly, professional or ethical violations can lead to the exposure of the fact of the investigation to the subject of the investigation and expose the investigator's employer to unwarranted consequences.


Our agency offers a variety of investigative services to suit your personal needs. Our Investigative services include:

  • Family Law
  • Insurance
  • Governmental
  • Personal
  • Business
  • Legal Matters


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When necessary, our agency collaborates with the best investigators in the region.

Infidelity Support Group

Your Infidelity Support Group helps individuals and couples by offering a supportive community and information that will help guide you through the confusing rollercoaster of emotions you are currently going through.


  • Family Law

    Much of the best information we can obtain in a family law investigation is developed from direct observation, including video and/or photographic evidence that often can meet state evidentiary standards.More>>
  • Government

    Municipalities and other government agencies sometimes require outside help in the investigation of suspected problems ranging from malfeasance to outright corruption. More>>
  • Business

    My staff and I have access to the kind of public and proprietary national records that often can penetrate the corporate veil that scam artists try to hide behind.More>>
  • Insurance

    Rick Johnson & Associates has been providing investigative services to insurance companies and insurance defense firms since 1987.More>>
  • Personal

    Your spouse is on a trip to Denver. It's a business trip...or is it? Your son or daughter has run away from home and you think your child may be in the Denver area.More>>
  • Legal Matters

    Providing discreet, thorough investigative services to Denver firms since 1987. We know the value of accurate information gathered correctly, particularly for legal matters.More>>

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