Your spouse is on a trip to Denver. It's a business trip...or is it? Your son or daughter has run away from home and you think your child may be in the Denver area. You've been dating a man or woman for quite some time. It's getting serious. But do you know who your prospective lifetime partner really is? Can you believe what they say and what they've promised? You're looking at a prospective business partner. You're also looking at a major investment. Is that prospective partner making you an offer or looking to give you the business?

There are many potential personal and domestic problems. Some are small. Some are major. None are insignificant. At a time of problems like these, you need to be able to consult and depend upon people who not only help, but from whom discretion and trust are key elements of any assignment of this kind. Rick Johnson and his professional staff of associates complete assignments with results that often exceed expectations.

Our surveillance capabilities include an effective array of supporting equipment, including vehicles, miniature still and video camera equipment, night vision capabilities. Our surveillance specialists are experienced and capable. Our work in this area is enhanced by our computerized assets and our ability to communicate via private radio and cellular phone.

In our efforts to locate runaways, missing persons, long lost friends and family members, we have not forgotten the value of old-fashioned leg-work; but we have the national and proprietary resources that take advantage of all that this modern age of technology and communication has to offer. We will utilize all available resources to find the person you need to locate.

Our background investigation capabilities include access to civil and criminal records, including federal court records, and this capability extends to virtually every state in the nation. In Colorado we have direct and immediate access to the civil, criminal, traffic, domestic, and small claims records of every county and district court in the state. We can obtain criminal arrest histories in Colorado usually within 48 hours. We can obtain criminal arrest histories from other states where this information is available usually within three to seven days.

If your problem is a business venture, we can help with immediate access to the corporate, partnership, trade name and Uniform Commercial Code records of the Colorado Secretary of State and the Colorado Department of Revenue. Outside Colorado, we have immediate access to these and many other types of business records in as many as 42 states. We can verify business and professional licenses in Colorado and most other states. We can trace corporate trees to provide you with information on branch offices, including the identification of managers. We can examine national records for liens, judgments, and bankruptcies.

Emergencies don't happen on a business-day schedule; so whether for personal or personal-business needs, Rick Johnson and Associates of Colorado, Inc. is at your service seven days a week and 24 hours a day.


Whether it's a potential life partner or a potential business partner, you can't know too much or know too early. Our national public and proprietary resources permit us to obtain the following:

  • Civil Court Records, Colorado & Other States Insurance
  • Motor Vehicle Records, Other States Where Permitted
  • Personal
  • Federal Civil, Criminal, and Bankruptcy Records, All States
  • Criminal Court Records, Colorado & Other States
  • Property Records
  • Corporate & Other Business Records
  • Statewide Arrest Records, Other States Where Permitted
  • Major Stockholder Information
  • Motor Vehicle Records, Colorado


  • Family Law

    Much of the best information we can obtain in a family law investigation is developed from direct observation, including video and/or photographic evidence that often can meet state evidentiary standards.More>>
  • Government

    Municipalities and other government agencies sometimes require outside help in the investigation of suspected problems ranging from malfeasance to outright corruption. More>>
  • Business

    My staff and I have access to the kind of public and proprietary national records that often can penetrate the corporate veil that scam artists try to hide behind.More>>
  • Insurance

    Rick Johnson & Associates has been providing investigative services to insurance companies and insurance defense firms since 1987.More>>
  • Personal

    Your spouse is on a trip to Denver. It's a business trip...or is it? Your son or daughter has run away from home and you think your child may be in the Denver area.More>>
  • Legal Matters

    Providing discreet, thorough investigative services to Denver firms since 1987. We know the value of accurate information gathered correctly, particularly for legal matters.More>>

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