Julia Bate is an Advanced Certified Statement Analyst with 30 years' experience in communications and linguistics.

Julia specializes in Scientific Content Analysis, a comprehensive and highly accurate technique that reveals truth and deception in written and spoken words. Working with attorneys, employers, investigators, and those whose well-being depends on knowing the truth, Julia assesses verbal patterns of behavior to reveal significant pre-incident indicators, motives, risk, and other aspects of threats, deceptive behavior, and criminal acts.

Julia's passion to uncover the truth was ignited when she served the Denver County Court as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused and neglected children. Her education in language, neurolinguistic research, and experience in writing and editing account for her high level of proficiency in Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN).

SCAN is used to reveal truth, deception, and other reliable information in threatening letters and calls from former spouses, disgruntled employees, stalkers, legal depositions, and press conferences. Unlike polygraph results, SCAN assesses a subject's own words and, for that reason, may be used in court.

This emerging method of investigation is employed worldwide by the FBI, CIA, ATF, and investigators in all arenas of law enforcement.

Julia Bate


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  • Julia Bate

    Julia Bate is an Advanced Certified Statement Analyst with 30 years' experience in communications and linguistics.


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