Municipalities and other government agencies sometimes require outside help in the investigation of suspected problems ranging from malfeasance to outright corruption. Further, special requirements often can be most effectively, and cost effectively, served by the employment of a private firm.

Rick Johnson & Associates has earned a reputation among local governments in Colorado as the resourceful and effective choice for this important work.

These are sensitive obligations that require thorough and exhaustive investigative work, expertise in many technical and legal areas, and the kind of skilled and experienced staff that can truly help government officials reach the kind of determinations that support the critical decisions that define good government.

Governments and government agencies can rely on us, because our response is immediate, our results are effective, and our guarantee of confidentiality is unequivocal.


Our agency has a proven record of successful and resourceful government investigations. Examples of our investigative specialties in government include:

  • Hired by the City of Fort Lupton during 1997 to investigate the personnel policies and practices of the police chief in response to potential litigation.
  • Hired by the Denver Election Commission to investigate alleged kickback activities during the 1987 mayoral and city council elections in Denver.
  • Hired by the City and County of Denver concerning workplace violence issues.
  • Hired by Central City in an investigation which extended from 1992 into 1993 regarding allegations of improprieties of the former Central City Chief of Police.
  • Hired by Arapahoe County in 2002 to investigate allegations of misconduct within the Arapahoe County Clerk's Office. A public effort to recall the Clerk ensued.

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  • Hired by the City of Breckenridge during 1996 to investigate issues concerning their police chief.
  • Because of our investigative recourses, which are national in scope, Our expertise also has been called upon by Colorado municipalities to assist in pre-employment investigations of candidates from within and outside of Colorado for high executive positions.


  • Family Law

    Much of the best information we can obtain in a family law investigation is developed from direct observation, including video and/or photographic evidence that often can meet state evidentiary standards.More>>
  • Government

    Municipalities and other government agencies sometimes require outside help in the investigation of suspected problems ranging from malfeasance to outright corruption. More>>
  • Business

    My staff and I have access to the kind of public and proprietary national records that often can penetrate the corporate veil that scam artists try to hide behind.More>>
  • Insurance

    Rick Johnson & Associates has been providing investigative services to insurance companies and insurance defense firms since 1987.More>>
  • Personal

    Your spouse is on a trip to Denver. It's a business trip...or is it? Your son or daughter has run away from home and you think your child may be in the Denver area.More>>
  • Legal Matters

    Providing discreet, thorough investigative services to Denver firms since 1987. We know the value of accurate information gathered correctly, particularly for legal matters.More>>

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