Sooner or later... you may discover that inventory, supplies, tools, and the like are missing, and that it isn't just an inventory control problem.

Sooner or later... you may discover that company credit cards have been used for unauthorized personal expenses, that other types of company accounts have been accessed without proper authorization, or that invoices are appearing for goods or services you never ordered.

Sooner or later... you may discover that company vehicles are showing up at times and at places that are way beyond the restrictions you've placed on vehicle use.

Sooner or later... you may discover that an employee has been doing business for himself or even a competitor, on your time and your dime.

Sooner or may discover that a competitor is using software, technology, or proprietary techniques that you think belong to you.

Sooner or later... you may discover that an employee is significantly raising your liability risks by drinking on the job, selling drugs, or engaging in other illegal activity during work hours.

Sooner or later... you may discover that the background check you meant to have conducted on a new executive employee really would have been a good idea.

The trouble is that, if it's later, rather than sooner, your business possibly will have taken a very big financial hit.


Many types of common problems have a common vulnerability - they go on in plain sight or should be easily discovered.

That vulnerability means that my investigative staff often has a clear opportunity to gather the visual and documentary evidence needed in order to drop the hammer on the culprits.
Gathering The Evidence

My staff and I have access to the kind of public and proprietary national records that often can penetrate the corporate veil that the scam artists try to hide behind. We can buy products and order services that you suspect are based on your proprietary information, especially where a former employee now may be working for a competitor or personally competing with your company.

Pilfered merchandise, supplies, and equipment often are advertised for sale in the yard and garage sale sections of the daily newspapers.We can track those ads and check out sale locations that may include items that belong to your business.

We also can check out flea markets, where it is not uncommon to find stolen property, as well as counterfeit clothing and pirated music and computer software openly offered for sale, either by the thief directly or by those to whom it was illegally distributed.

We figuratively can go to lunch with employees suspected of drinking on the job. We can track outside sales people on their rounds to help ascertain whether their daily reports coincide with their actual activities.

On Location/Part-1

We can set up surveillance at business locations, storage locations for supplies, and business offices, where inventory is missing or equipment may have been misappropriated.

Our surveillance would include photographic and videotape evidence of unauthorized activities at these locations, including persons who may be linked to those activities.

On Location/Part-2

We can establish surveillance beginning at an employee's residence, following the employee throughout the day to identify contacts, locations, and any activity that may verify the trail of misconduct.

Our surveillance objectives are to make a sustaining record of the person or persons involved, the means by which a theft occurs, the methods used to transport stolen property, and the storage destination, if any, as well as to identify any reseller to whom the goods are offered.

Our job, as investigators, is to use every tool at our disposal on your behalf to expose those who would violate your trust for their own personal profit.


You deserve the best defense, they deserve the consequences. Protect your business before it's too late. Our investigative specialities in business include:

  • Embezzlement and Theft
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Worker's Compensation Fraud
  • Employee Background Investigations
  • Sexual Harassment Allegation Issues.
  • Business Asset Research
  • Personal Surveillance
  • Location Surveillance
  • Anti-Competitive Practices
  • Legal Defense Support Services


  • Family Law

    Much of the best information we can obtain in a family law investigation is developed from direct observation, including video and/or photographic evidence that often can meet state evidentiary standards.More>>
  • Government

    Municipalities and other government agencies sometimes require outside help in the investigation of suspected problems ranging from malfeasance to outright corruption. More>>
  • Business

    My staff and I have access to the kind of public and proprietary national records that often can penetrate the corporate veil that scam artists try to hide behind.More>>
  • Insurance

    Rick Johnson & Associates has been providing investigative services to insurance companies and insurance defense firms since 1987.More>>
  • Personal

    Your spouse is on a trip to Denver. It's a business trip...or is it? Your son or daughter has run away from home and you think your child may be in the Denver area.More>>
  • Legal Matters

    Providing discreet, thorough investigative services to Denver firms since 1987. We know the value of accurate information gathered correctly, particularly for legal matters.More>>

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