Working from a sophisticated, computerized office with access to national public and proprietary resources and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, our agency maintains specialties in matters of insurance, complex civil cases, medical malpractice, environmental issues, family law concerns, business and corporate issues, and employment matters.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I found Rick Johnson through an internet search. My special thanks to Rick for the extra time and effort he put in were certainly worthwhile. Based on my experience, I highly recommend Rick and absolutely will use his services again if the need arises.

Maria, March 2016

I really appreciated Rick speaking with me and being so upfront and honest. His advice empowered me to think more outside the box about my legal case.

Elizabeth, March 2016

Hi Rick, We want to thank you so much for talking to us and guiding us tonight. We really appreciate the amount of time you took helping us out... before we even hired you! We will be in touch. Again thank you.

Molly and Jeffrey, February 2016

Thank you so much for your time and patience with me on the phone the other day. I really appreciate your interest and concern in my case as well as the wisdom and experience you shared with me. Everything you said was geared specifically toward my situation and very helpful. I think you are a trustworthy and very experienced PI and I will be taking into consideration everything you told me from this point forward.

Andrea, December 2015

I was fortunate to find the firm of Rick Johnson during an internet search. Since my wife passed, 4 years ago, I have been estranged from my children. I recently heard one had moved to the Colorado area. I had no idea where. I contacted Rick to locate my son and determine if he was safe. Rick and his associate were more than professional, timely and gracious. He found my son and reported detail beyond my expectations. I know my son is safe; I am forever in his debt. If you wish a reference please ask Rick for my number. Thank you again Rick.

Ken, December 2015

Rick Johnson is by far the best private investigator in Colorado. He found my father that I have never met or talked to after I had been searching for 13 years. I have hired many private investigators in the past and they have all quit on me because they could they not find him. Not to mention the hundreds if not thousands of dollars I have spent online doing my own research. Rick helped me successfully make contact with my father who lives in another state and I am looking forward to building a relationship with him in the years to come. I cannot thank Rick along with his associates enough for their hard work and dedication to helping me unit with my father.

Alaysha, November 2015

Rick was instrumental in helping me navigate a child custody and removal situation. He responded quickly, provided solid guidance and offered to connect me to additional resources to help me in this process. I am grateful for his knowledge and professionalism.

Laura, November 2015

I contacted Rick to discuss a missing family member that is currently homeless and how to find siblings that were adopted. Rick was very professional and gave me straight, honest answers. He also gave me suggestions about where to start looking on my own before using his services. His assistance was very helpful and I am so glad that I contacted him. Thanks again Rick!

Karamie, October 2015

Thank you so much for your time this afternoon. I really appreciate it! You were extremely thorough with your questions which helped me to determine a course of action - even if that meant not using your firm at this time and charging me for something that would likely be ineffective. Certainly not everyone would be as honest and upfront as you in recommending that direction! I will most certainly contact you again as the situation warrants.

Maria, October 2015

I had the privilege of speaking today with Rick Johnson of Rick Johnson & Associates. Rick is a former District Attorney and Private Investigator specializing in Family Law, Fraud and Personal cases.

I had some questions and concerns regarding my personal situation and the possible need for private investigation services. Rick spent a good deal of time with me providing expert information, explaining how he could be helpful and recommending what my next steps should be.

I expressed my sincere gratitude for all of his time and assistance. I would highly recommend Rick for anyone requiring private investigator services. He is the best!

Pat, August 2015

Thank you again for prompt, honest, and comprehensive investigation. Truly the best $500 we spent in a while. While we were far from thrilled with what you found, we are grateful that your thorough search gave us some information to base our next move on.

Karen, July 2015

Thanks again for talking to me. I’ve been researching all day. I’ve spoken to no one who compares to you. No other private investigator asked all the questions to make me think of all the details you did. I will be speaking with my attorney and will be back with you. Thank you.

Emily, July 2015

It took me over a year to decide to have my husband followed. He had assured me over the past 4 years that he wasn't having an affair and I believed him. On his last business trip to Colorado (where his girlfriend lives), I finally decided to have him followed.

I had 3 days to find someone out of state (as I live in ----------). I googled PI's in Denver and the first name to pop up was Rick Johnson. I was impressed with his website and certainly his credentials. But would he really be able to help me? I really didn't like the fact that I couldn't meet him in person. I nervously dialed the number. I stuttered and choked up as I tried to explain the reason for my call.

Rick happened to answer the phone and I knew immediately (women's intuition) that he would take care of me. He told me to tell him everything and he listened to EVERY word I said/cried, Rick and his partners all worked on my case. Within 2 hours of my husband arriving in Denver, Rick's associates had pictures and video.

Through the entire process, Rick showed me so much compassion and empathy. He kept me informed and answered all my questions (and there were many!). I refer to him as a guardian angel. He was put into my life for a reason. I waited too long to get the proof I needed to move on with my life. Thank you Rick for helping me start a new chapter in my life.

L., June 2015

Rick was empathetic and sensitive regarding my family law case. While understanding that this has been a difficult time for my family, he was straight-forward in the kindest, yet most professional manner. His advice was invaluable. I respect Rick as a true professional in his field and highly recommend him.

Cricket, May 2014

Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my inquiry today. I very much appreciated the time you took to advise me about my situation, the challenges and possible ramifications, and to console me. Your professionalism was impressive and if I ever need PI services again, I will be sure to contact you again.

K.M., March 2014

Rick, I cannot thank you enough for all your help. The piece of mind you brought to me and Tom was invaluable.

Heather, January 2014

I must thank you from the bottom of my heart. I believe God brought you to me for an intervention with my daughter. We talked until 2:00 AM, hugs, kisses, laughs and tears. It was a turning point in our relationship; she went to difficult teen to young lady. Thank you again and have a happy new year.

Joan, January 2014


Our clients include many of the nation's major insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, premier law firms, government entities, private individuals and more.

  • Founded by an investigator formerly with the Denver and Jefferson County District Attorneys' Offices.
  • Our agency, built on a record of responsiveness, responsibility, and achievement, ensures a level of performance that is second to none.
  • "Rick Johnson is extremely thorough, professional, and responsive to our needs."
  • "Throughout the entire process, Rick's handling of all aspects was very professional. It was well worth the expense."
  • "High energy, hard work, intelligence, and integrity characterize Rick's work. He has a reputation for getting the job done."

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